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About Us


Bagh Times is the First ever and most popular Newspaper represented by Sardar Atif Junoo’n Editor in Chief from Bagh Azad Kashmir. Founded on 5th of January 2012, the first Edition of Bagh Times was published on February 2012, as an experiment. 18 Editions were published till May 2012, and again started on 6th of January 2013 on a regular basis. Having scare resources the young and active team of Bagh Times is continuously making efforts for the betterment of this Media Organization. In a very few upcoming months Bagh Times will be published on daily basis. Focusing on main social and economic issues of the Communities Bagh times aims to highlight them at its earliest.

Our Objectives……..

  • Promote young Journalists by giving them an opportunity to work in Media.
  • Highlighting & giving suggestions regarding Education Issues.
  • Work for Gender & Women Rights, highlight the core issues and give positive feedback.
  • Reporting crime in the areas and giving positive feedback to minimize the crimes.
  • Rehabilitation of Street Child through identifying them and highlighting the main stories.
  • Work of general Social Issues and highlight them in front of authorities.
  • Promotion of Kashmiri Art, History and Culture.
  • To create a liaison between Government and Local Communities for a peaceful environment.
  • High light the Core Issues of Agriculture and Nature Preservation.
  • Highlighting the Environmental & Wild Life Issues and giving positive feedback.
  • To work for Development of Tourism in Kashmir and identifying the core issues.
  • To work for the proper utilization of Natural Resources in Kashmir.
  • To educate the people regarding Trade & Travel in Kashmir.

Area of Work……

The Bagh Times mainly focuses on highlighting the issues of the whole District Bagh. But keeping in view the importance of the current affairs and national and international issues Bagh Times aims to focus all such issues which are directly related to common people’s interests within AJK.

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